Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Check Up

With the warmer days it's time for you to do to the annual walk around of your home.  Look at all the windows and doors to be sure the caulking did not crack during the winter.  All the ice and snow that sat on your sills and trim could have caused water damage and wood rot.  If the caulk is maintained you will have a lot less of this.
The siding panels may have pulled a little during the cold and allowed moisture to wick in and cause damage.  A little caulk goes a long way towards avoiding siding replacement.
Cedar decks will be showing rot, especially on the ends and knots of the decking boards.  Replacing a few boards and keeping the deck sealed saves money in the long run.
Make sure the shrubs are trimmed at 12" away from the home.  You need that space for air flow to keep windows and siding dry, which prevents rot.  You might want to wait a bit to trim the flowering shrubs such as lilac, however.
It doesn't take much effort or time to prevent large repair bills down the road.

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