Monday, January 4, 2010

Saving your siding and windows

Throughout the metro area, but especially in Johnson County, there are issues with siding and windows. The material used to trim the windows was a "finger-jointed" quick growth pine. Protected only by a thin coat of paint this wood is very susceptible to wood rot because the paint cracks easily and the finger joints open up. The best way to protect this is to keep it caulked and painted. Over time you may still loose the battle, but you can delay the loss by keeping it protected.
Many homes used the hardboard siding with the same thin coat of paint. Very soon after construction moisture worked into the joints and gaps and started the rot process. The same prevention can be done with good painting and caulking.
Something that many homeowners overlook is landscaping. Very often when we are called to look at wood rot we find the bushes are in full contact with the siding and windows. This keeps moisture trapped and speeds the rot. Keep bushes and all landscaping at least 12 inches off your home and you allow the air flow to help dry out the structures.