Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emotional "No-No"

On a recent show on HGTV I saw a huge “no-no.”  A young couple looked at 2 houses, picked one and put in a bid.  Their bid was for the asking price, which was considered market value.  When they found out there was a competing bid (they did not know how much it was) they increased their bid by $50,000!  WAY over market value.  That is $50,000 they will never get back.  It was an emotional knee jerk.
While I don’t sell real estate, I do remodel and update houses after the purchase.  This couple had to give up the new kitchen they really wanted and will not get for years to come. 
A house only becomes a home after you move in and put your touches into it.  For years this family will be living in someone else’s house while they try to convince themselves it is their new home. 
There is always another house out there that we can help you turn into your new home.  Don’t let emotions get the best of you—and your wallet.